About CPIN

The Canadian Primary Care Information Network (CPIN) is an automated information exchange system to improve care and patient engagement.



To improve the health of Canadians and patient experiences in the health system while reducing the per capita cost of healthcare



To improve care and patient engagement by providing practices with an affordable and integrated knowledge and information technology to enable continuous outreach, assessment and quality improvement efforts.


How it works

CPIN provides primary care providers with two important services:

  • CPIN allows providers to share trusted health promotion or health management information and online resources with patients.


 These messages and surveys can be selected by the practice and targeted to all, randomly selected, or purposely selected group of patients by email or text messaging. 


To collect data on patient experiences, CPIN has developed a set of surveys that can be sent out to participating practices. The data collected by CPIN is collected and reported back to the provider along with quality improvement (QI) tools to enable providers to complete QI activities and earn their continuing professional development certification credits. 

Since evidence changes rapidly, we collaborate with primary care providers across the country, to create surveys, identify or create common resources for practices to share with their patients. These resources are curated by an oversight group. 


Outreach messages

CPIN has adapted existing software for appointment reminder systems, already adopted by over 4500 physicians and compatible with over 10 Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) across the country.