Family physicians in community practices currently lack the infrastructure and time required to reach groups of their patients, yet this is increasingly a requirement as care becomes more population oriented and practices are expected to use their own data for performance monitoring and quality improvement.  The Canadian Primary Care Information Network (CPIN) is an automated electronic communication service that facilitates primary care providers reaching segments of their patient populations.  It uses data analytics to connect to the primary care office electronic medical record.  The system sends targeted messages and surveys to patients by e-mail or text.


 It is different from a portal in that it is designed to reach groups of patients.  It does not permit communication about medical problems with individual patients.  CPIN is a cooperative effort among primary care providers, producing and curating the content of patient messages free from any commercial imperative.  Patients can respond to surveys with the assurance of anonymity as patient survey responses are de-identified when reported back in the aggregate to their provider.  By selecting measures that matter to you from our bank of validated questions, you can compare your performance with peers from other practices. The CPIN outreach messages and survey questions can be targeted to either a randomly selected group, purposively selected group, or all patients. The CPIN collaborative has reduced the workload for providers and staff, while simultaneously fostering learning across practices.


CPIN is designed as a national primary care provider subscription-based service that is controlled by providers and their professional organizations. The College of Family Physicians of Canada will subsidize the cost of this new patient communication service to $21 a month for the first 150 family physicians to subscribe to this offer of service.  There is no need for each of Canada’s almost 40,000 family physicians to create their own patient messaging content and to keep it up to date.  By working together in a cooperative this can be done better and without commercial influence.  Your patient survey response data will NEVER be sold as has happened with some EMR and portal vendors. 


Our not-for-profit governance ensures the data will be used to provide only you with peer performance comparisons.  Data access and security will be managed on a cost-recovery basis by the Institut du Savoir Montfort in Ottawa as well vetting, credentialing and supervision of Canadian university accredited researchers wishing to access de-identified data to advance the health and well-being of Canadians. 


CPIN is compatible with over 10 different Electronic Medical Records systems.  It will assist you in educating your patients, help you identify strengths and weakness in the services you provide, draft and monitor a plan to improve service, save you time, make you money, earn you MainPro C+ credits and advance the discipline of family medicine.