The groups work together to realize CPIN's vision.

Project Team


CPIN's day-to-day work is managed by a core project team.


Advisory Group

The overarching advisory group is comprised of experts in the field of primary care, patient experience, audit and feedback, continuing professional development and quality improvement. It includes representatives from organisations such as the College of Family Physicians (CFPC), Association des Medecins Francophones du Canada, the Canadian Nurses Association, as well as representatives from the other CPIN working groups including two patient or caregivers.


Data oversight and analysis

The purpose of this group is to develop and review the data governance policy. It will review and approve the development of quantified measures of data quality and analyse abstracted data.


Patient engagement and outreach 

Core to CPINs work is understanding the patient experience in accessing and using the services of their healthcare provider. The purpose of the patient engagement and outreach group is to ensure that the patient voice is heard during the development, implementation and evaluation of the CPIN project.

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To provide advice and guide the further development of CPIN, the governance structure comprises an advisory and two working groups.”