CPIN is the result of a concerted effort by various primary care providers, who produce and manage content for patient messages without any commercial incentive. Messages can inform patients of changes in clinic operations, describe how to access certain types of care, or educate patients on various health topics.

Below are some sample messages that can be selected by primary care providers using CPIN.

Practice Opening Hours

Dear Mrs. Watts,

COVID-19 is requiring all of us to keep adapting, and our clinic is ready to help you.

We are offering appointments by phone or video and restricting in person visits to the clinic to only essential visits to protect the health of all patients and our team.

See our website XXXXX for updates.

Our hours of operation are:

- Monday-Friday: 8AM-4PM

- Saturday-Sunday: 9AM-12PM

Please call XXX XXX XXXX to book all appointments as we do not accept walk ins.

You may leave a message for our team nurses to call you back between 8AM-4PM Mon-Fri.

Patients coming for in-person visits will be asked to wear a mask and come alone. When necessary one caregiver or parent may accompany a patient.


To help me improve my practice and improve our health system, please consider answering this short Patient Experience Survey.


Dr. Johnston

Covid vaccines

Dear George,

Many people have questions about the new Covid-19 vaccines and when they might be available. You can find reliable information here on the Covid-19 vaccines’ safety, ingredients, and possible side effects, as well as Ontario’s prioritization of initial doses. To check if you are eligible for the vaccine and for booking information in Ottawa, click here.

Please note that:

- Eligibility is based on the Government of Ontario’s three-phase distribution plan.

- The vaccine will be distributed to populations of highest priority and based on vaccine supply.

- Your doctor does not have access to a patient signup or waitlist.

- The vaccine is not administered at your practice.


We hope to continually improve our care and communication with you. Please fill out the few patient feedback questions.


Dr. Azzi

Mental Health

Dear Mrs. Katil,

As a healthcare professional, I know many people are facing significant mental health challenges. There are many resources available in Ottawa which might help someone going through a difficult time.


We can all help. Show kindness. Reach out to a family member or a friend to check on them. If you need extra support for your mental health, book an appointment with our clinic. There is a crisis hotline to call in case of any mental health emergencies : 613-722-6914.

Your anonymous feedback on this short Patient Survey will help me learn about my patients’ experiences at the clinic and in our health system.


Dr. Johnston

Vitamin D


Dear Anil,

Vitamin D is important for all of us it helps us build and maintain strong bones and teeth and absorb calcium. We get Vitamin D by making it in our skin when we are exposed to sun light as well as from food and supplements.

Health Canada recommends that adults over 50 years ols take a daily supplement of 400IU of Vitamin D daily. The Canadian Pediatric Society recommends that infants up to one year old have 400 IU/day of Vitamin D from all sources.

You can find a list of healthy food recommendations, rich in vitamin D, here.

Please answer the following Patient Survey to help me learn about my patients’ experiences.


Dr. Johnston

Low Back Pain


Dear Marie,


Most of us will experience low back pain at some point. This will usually go away without medical treatment in a few days or weeks. If you want information on when to seek medical attention, whether an Xray or MRI would help or when to use heat or stay active to help back pain, below are some resources you might find helpful.

For information on how to manage a new low back pain, click here.

For information on maintaining a healthy back, click here.

To learn about when you might or might not need imaging for back pain, click here.

I am happy to discuss these recommendations with you and hope you will share this information with any friends or family who might find it useful.

Please answer this short Patient Survey to help me learn about my patients’ experiences.

Dr. Johnston