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Bluetake Bt009x Driver 18




.0.1.5 The following is a complete output of the kernel module btinfo: k1l_: in short, it doesn't update owen1: so it is running? k1l_: yes. but it outputs nothing to dmesg. and nothing to 'usb_devices' k1l_: the only thing that happens is 'usb_set_address' is called. (this is a virtualbox btusb device) owen1: what did you do to make that btusb device run on the vbox? k1l_: i run 'insmod btusb' as root i created the driver with 'rmmod btusb' i am not using kvm at all owen1: ok, can you pastebin the whole dmesg? ok k1l_: here it is: owen1: usb_set_address is setting the usb device to the hosts usb bus the host is the virtualbox. host is the host computer you are running the vbox on k1l_: here is the corresponding dmesg from virtualbox: owen1: well, the btdevice is not connecting to the vm and it does not show up with "lsusb" k1l_: in both dmesg and lsusb, the device is not shown (or reported) however the device is connected to the usb host machine (just checked it) i rebooted the device. and now it shows up maybe it needs to be rebooted before it detects it? owen1: no, its a linux device which is working ok, but




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Bluetake Bt009x Driver 18
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